Napa Valley Wedding Photographer: Invitation Details

Napa Valley Wedding Photographer

As a Napa Valley wedding photographer, I love shooting the details of your wine country wedding including the wedding invitations.  So much love, time and attention go into designing these invitation suites, so it’s truly a small gift you’re giving your guests as their first introduction to your wedding weekend.

One of my favorite invitations of all time was for a V. Sattui wedding that I shot a few months back, the bride created the suite herself, handcrafted it to include elements of wood and handmade paper.  It was exquisite and it was so thoughtful.  I can’t wait to show you that one as part of posting their wedding later.

When you meet with me as part of being your Napa Wedding Photographer, I ask you to send me an addressed, unstamped copy of the entire suite so that I can shoot it at my Napa Valley photography studio.  This way, I can get the most beautiful details of your wedding invitation, save the date, menus and other printed items.  It’s important to me that all the details are captured in the most beautiful light possible.   I can also shoot the invitations on the wedding day in the natural environment – as part of your entire suite of jewelry and gift bags you’re giving to the guests.

I’m looking forward to shooting your wedding and being your Napa Valley wedding photographer.

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